Recently Google Domains went to public beta but it’s available to US residents only. This doesn’t mean we should go the US to buy domain(s) from Google. I think they don’t want scare the big companies like Godaddy, Enom etc or they want to get the publicity they deserve because everything google is huge and trusted too.
Google Domains
Buying or registering Google Domains outside us is not illegal provided the card the card you are using belongs to you and you didn’t steal it. Recently, I got $12 gift card from Google Domains to purchase for free but it was restricted to domains only. But ever since I signed up for close beta, I always get a warning that GDs is not available in my country so I should a form to get notified when it gets to my country. Buy why the gift card? You know I’m not in the US. So I have a thought that “there is something I don’t know”.
I contacted Google Support on this issue, they told me send screen shot of the offer message as well the link. I added a payment method to my Google Wallet but during the checkout process, my card was grayed out. Telling me the card ending ****777 is not supported. But I have used it buy other Google product(s).
The support team told me to send the offer link to a friend or family member in the US to do the registration on my behalf. So I change the payment address to US, entered the zip code *bamm* registered.
How to buy Google Domains Outside United States?
You don’t have to contact support team or they’ll tell you that, you are not eligible or let US resident buy it for you. So do the following:
1. Add Payment method to your Google Wallet Account. International debit, credit, prepaid and others are all accepted.
2. Log on to https://domains.google.com to begin the registration process.
3. Where you choose the domain privacy, enter your local address and choose private for your domain since it’s free.
4. This is where you choose payment address, so select new address. Choose United States as your country and enter 5-digit zip code to continue registration. Example: 11210 is New York.
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