How to Install Adobe Flash Player on Ubuntu

After years of abandoning Adobe Flash Player Plugin for Linux, Adobe Systems decided to bring their queen back to Linux again. This happened a couple of months back when they released the latest Flash Player for Linux. Although many websites have moved to modern and more secure technologies but as we know not everyone saw this change coming, meaning people are still using flash technology. Some web services and websites or web apps and games have switch to newer platforms to run more securely. However, you may still need to install your flash player for some reason, here you go;

Do you use Google Chrome on Ubuntu?

If yes, then smile because you already have it. The simplest and fastest method to your flash is to install Google Chrome web browser. As Google Chrome package comes with flash files(PPAPI) and it is also the latest. So no need to add repo and run any Linux commands, use it right away.

Other Option(s)

If you use the default browser, Mozilla Firefox or Vivaldi then you must install the flash plugin. Ubuntu used to offer a package that extract flash plugin from Google Chrome but unfortunately it’s no longer available.  Installing the latest Flash Player on Ubuntu steps to follow;

Enabling the Canonical Partner Repository is the first thing to do. This repository offers some non-open source but free application that use can use without any cost to your wallet.

  1. Open the Software & Updates.
  2. Click on Other Software’s tab.
  3. Check the Canonical Partners repository.
  4. Refresh the software sources if asked.

Now that everything is in place you can now search for the Adobe Flash Plugin in the Ubuntu software repository but installing with the terminal might be a little quicker for you. Here we go;

sudo apt-get install adobe-flash plugin

Allow the terminal to download and do the installations for you. When it finishes, you have to restart your browser for the flash plugin to fully detect your web browser. You don’t have to do anything since this is done automatically. Apart from the plugin, Adobe Flash Player Preferences will also install. It contains the various settings for the plugin. Remember to test for plugin successful installation on Adobe’s website.

Congrats and thanks for reading, help improve articles by commenting and add more if necessary.



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