People always run into trouble anytime they want to experience something new which Android is not exempted from this challenge. Devices running Android 5.1 or earlier versions can show your files easily when you connect to PC through USB cable.  However, the Android Marshmallow (Android 6.0) is different in this situation, the device goes straight to charging by default when you connect it to PC which therefore doesn’t show up any files on the PC. This is very annoying and a lot of people are complaining about it, but before we wait for patch this is how you can access your files on PC after your successful update to Android 6.0 “Marshmallow”.

Accessing your files on PC  after Android M Update

Charging mode is on default so just change from charging mode to SMP or PTP mode. Here is a simple guide with pictures if you like visual, you will enjoy it.

  1. First connect you phone to PC by using USB cable.
  2. Slide down the notification slider, you will see USB for charging.USB-for-Charging-Notification techmest.com
  3. Tap on USB for charging, then select File transfer (MTP) or Photo transfer (PTP) if needed.
  4. Access android files on PC
  5. You should able to access your files on the PC.If in any case you were unsuccessful, please don’t give up try the steps again. If it fails, several times then you need to install MTP drivers on the PC. Or install your phone’s drivers for your PC.

    However, take note that the default USB for charging can’t be changed in Android Marshmallow because it does not offer an option to change the default. But if you have a rooted device then it can be change.


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