Hide Files Inside Pictures


Have you ever thought if it’s possible hide your secret files in a photo? Do you want to do it for fun or for security reasons? YES it’s a big possible and not even difficult do. Some people share their computers with others and may need to prevent certain data from their sight which I totally agree with them. Some files can embarrass if you don’t take care.

Steps to hide your files within images in JPEG format

You might be thinking if there is a software out there that you can huge dollars to get your hands on to enable you do this job easily. I have a friend who creates so many folders just to hide one file, so anytime I open who than two folders without seeing any file yet then I will drag and drop the rest of the folders into media player to see the secret. Funny right? So what makes this one unique? There are several ways to hide files so might think that the thumbnail there a hosting secret files.


You should download an archive software; WinRar, WinZip or 7zip which are free on the internet.

Step 1.

Let’s create four word document files and one JPEG image and use it for our demonstration. Put the files in a folder. I don’t know the person in the image, it’s a downloaded file (:


Step 2.

Select the files in the folder excluding the image, right click and select add to archive. NB: Don’t add the image.


Step: 3

Before we make progress to the next step make sure you have the files as shown in the image below in your folder.

How to insert file in to image

Step 4:

Now let’s open command prompt. Windows 8 and 10 users can use Windows key + X to open windows Powershell and then select command prompt from the options. All windows users can use windows key + R then type cmd and hit enter.

How to insert file in to image

Step 5:

Change the directory to our working folder

How to insert file in to image


Step: 6

Type copy /b image.jpg + HiddenFiles.rar image.jpg and press on Enter key. The files will be hidden secretly inside the image without any evidence of it. The image will look the same as the before.

How to insert file in to image

Step: 7

This is the last step which will help us to extract the files. Just use WinRar to open and extract to your preferred destination, there you go your files have been recovered. You can place confidential files inside an image and then send it to someone, explain how it can be extracted.

How to insert file in to image


How to Install Adobe Flash Player on Ubuntu

How to Install Adobe Flash Player on Ubuntu

After years of abandoning Adobe Flash Player Plugin for Linux, Adobe Systems decided to bring their queen back to Linux again. This happened a couple of months back when they released the latest Flash Player for Linux. Although many websites have moved to modern and more secure technologies but as we know not everyone saw this change coming, meaning people are still using flash technology. Some web services and websites or web apps and games have switch to newer platforms to run more securely. However, you may still need to install your flash player for some reason, here you go;

Do you use Google Chrome on Ubuntu?

If yes, then smile because you already have it. The simplest and fastest method to your flash is to install Google Chrome web browser. As Google Chrome package comes with flash files(PPAPI) and it is also the latest. So no need to add repo and run any Linux commands, use it right away.

Other Option(s)

If you use the default browser, Mozilla Firefox or Vivaldi then you must install the flash plugin. Ubuntu used to offer a package that extract flash plugin from Google Chrome but unfortunately it’s no longer available.  Installing the latest Flash Player on Ubuntu steps to follow;

Enabling the Canonical Partner Repository is the first thing to do. This repository offers some non-open source but free application that use can use without any cost to your wallet.

  1. Open the Software & Updates.
  2. Click on Other Software’s tab.
  3. Check the Canonical Partners repository.
  4. Refresh the software sources if asked.

Now that everything is in place you can now search for the Adobe Flash Plugin in the Ubuntu software repository but installing with the terminal might be a little quicker for you. Here we go;

sudo apt-get install adobe-flash plugin

Allow the terminal to download and do the installations for you. When it finishes, you have to restart your browser for the flash plugin to fully detect your web browser. You don’t have to do anything since this is done automatically. Apart from the plugin, Adobe Flash Player Preferences will also install. It contains the various settings for the plugin. Remember to test for plugin successful installation on Adobe’s website.

Congrats and thanks for reading, help improve articles by commenting and add more if necessary.



Recently Google Domains went to public beta but it’s available to US residents only. This doesn’t mean we should go the US to buy domain(s) from Google. I think they don’t want scare the big companies like Godaddy, Enom etc or they want to get the publicity they deserve because everything google is huge and trusted too.
Google Domains
Buying or registering Google Domains outside us is not illegal provided the card the card you are using belongs to you and you didn’t steal it. Recently, I got $12 gift card from Google Domains to purchase for free but it was restricted to domains only. But ever since I signed up for close beta, I always get a warning that GDs is not available in my country so I should a form to get notified when it gets to my country. Buy why the gift card? You know I’m not in the US. So I have a thought that “there is something I don’t know”.
I contacted Google Support on this issue, they told me send screen shot of the offer message as well the link. I added a payment method to my Google Wallet but during the checkout process, my card was grayed out. Telling me the card ending ****777 is not supported. But I have used it buy other Google product(s).
The support team told me to send the offer link to a friend or family member in the US to do the registration on my behalf. So I change the payment address to US, entered the zip code *bamm* registered.
How to buy Google Domains Outside United States?
You don’t have to contact support team or they’ll tell you that, you are not eligible or let US resident buy it for you. So do the following:
1. Add Payment method to your Google Wallet Account. International debit, credit, prepaid and others are all accepted.
2. Log on to https://domains.google.com to begin the registration process.
3. Where you choose the domain privacy, enter your local address and choose private for your domain since it’s free.
4. This is where you choose payment address, so select new address. Choose United States as your country and enter 5-digit zip code to continue registration. Example: 11210 is New York.
Thanks for reading, visit us another day 🙁



People always run into trouble anytime they want to experience something new which Android is not exempted from this challenge. Devices running Android 5.1 or earlier versions can show your files easily when you connect to PC through USB cable.  However, the Android Marshmallow (Android 6.0) is different in this situation, the device goes straight to charging by default when you connect it to PC which therefore doesn’t show up any files on the PC. This is very annoying and a lot of people are complaining about it, but before we wait for patch this is how you can access your files on PC after your successful update to Android 6.0 “Marshmallow”.

Accessing your files on PC  after Android M Update

Charging mode is on default so just change from charging mode to SMP or PTP mode. Here is a simple guide with pictures if you like visual, you will enjoy it.

  1. First connect you phone to PC by using USB cable.
  2. Slide down the notification slider, you will see USB for charging.USB-for-Charging-Notification techmest.com
  3. Tap on USB for charging, then select File transfer (MTP) or Photo transfer (PTP) if needed.
  4. Access android files on PC
  5. You should able to access your files on the PC.If in any case you were unsuccessful, please don’t give up try the steps again. If it fails, several times then you need to install MTP drivers on the PC. Or install your phone’s drivers for your PC.

    However, take note that the default USB for charging can’t be changed in Android Marshmallow because it does not offer an option to change the default. But if you have a rooted device then it can be change.